Thursday, February 23, 2012


Thanks ADoC for the nudge to let me know it has been a long time since I posted anything. Wow! A month has gone by?!

Not much has been going on from a homesteading perspective...still making butter...chickens are still giving us an average of 2 eggs a day (from 4 of them)...cutting and splitting wood when we can...

On the personal front, there has been a lot going on. Which is why I have not been posting much. Everything is okay, just plugging away and trying to keep my head above water. Sometimes, life happens.

The weather here has been its usual roller coaster. One day it is 60F, the next it is 30. We had our first snow event last Sunday. Ended up with almost 6 inches....YUCK! But the next couple of days it got up into the 50s, so it is now history. Today, it is supposed to be 73F. Screwy really....

Since it is the new year, my boss has not been traveling much yet, so I have been making the commute to the big city twice a week.

Hope all is well with I have to catch up on a month's worth of posts on YOUR blogs! Have a great day!