Friday, November 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We sure did.  After two days of cooking and cleaning, I am exhausted.  So much for vacation!!  But it was all worth it.  My daughter and her fiance came over, as well as a friend of theirs who is now a friend of ours.  There was a lot of good food (I guess I learned from my grandmother to make too much food), good conversation and a lot of "ahhhhhhhs" after everyone's belly was full to the brim!

Now we have a ton of leftovers and will probably still be eating turkey and dressing until Christmas :-)  Which will be here before we know it!!  I think I may try to make some turkey stock from the carcass...I am just afraid we will have too much of it!  I roasted a 23 lb. long will turkey stock last if I can it??  Well, it all depends on how much energy I can summon up to even attempt the canning process for it.  This has been a jam packed week with work, cleaning and cooking, on top of the everyday chores of taking care of all the animals - pets and livestock.  As well as trying to get through it all on the 3rd anniversary of my father's passing.  But, I did make it through...and got everything done.  One more hurdle, the dreaded birthday, and I am home free until Christmas.

There is much baking of Christmas cookies, gifts to finish making, shipping the gifts, on top of everything else to get through in the next few weeks.  Then it will be New Year's!!!  Wow....this year just flew by.

Enough rambling for me...time to go out and help my better half split some wood.  Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the holiday!

I'm making stock from our 22 pounder. Took me an hour and half to clean the carcass of meat! Totally different than cleaning a chicken carcass for stock. (The dogs were happy with all the gross bits tho.)

I can it, and keep it in a spare fridge. Keeps (seemingly) forever, but then again, we go through about 3 quarts of stock a week here, so the supply is always refreshed quickly.

Leigh said...

It's a tradition to make too much food for Thanksgiving! That way you don't have to cook for the following week. :)