Friday, February 4, 2011

Cast of Characters - Part 1

I thought I would introduce you to the cast of characters here at Broken Road.  First, we have Sasha.  My daughter and I adopted her in 2004 at the age of 10 weeks:

She is part German Shepherd, part Chow Chow (her tongue is black and pink splotches and she has a curly tail!).  She is now SEVEN years old?!?!  Wow....time flies.  She is great dog.  And loves her Mommy :-)  However, she is prone to stomach issues - which we have finally determined are caused in large part by artificial dyes in dog food.   So, after reading the label of EVERY bag of dog food in the store aisles, we have finally found one food that seems to agree with her - Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice Formula.  But boy is it expensive!  And every few weeks, she gets tired (read bored) with it, so we have to "spice" it up by putting some plain yogurt on it, or some crumbled up potato chips, etc. just to get her to eat it....the things we do for our pets!

Ahhhh....riding in the Jeep with her head out the window - life is SWEET!
Such a pretty puppy dog!
Then we have Mika (pronounced mee-ka).  The wild child.  After my husband and I got married, he decided Sasha needed a playmate during the day while we were both at work.  We were still living in the big city then.  So, we went back to the shelter and he found this one:

Mika was also around 10 weeks old when we adopted her in 2007.  So cute!  Yeah, when she's sleeping:

Yup - that is her favorite sleeping position LOL!  Mika is a Yellow Lab and German Shepherd mix; mostly lab traits though (webbed toes, large muscular upper torso, hates to have her feet touched).  I am still waiting for her to "grow out" of her puppy phase - the barking insanely when someone shows up at the house, the whipping and subsequent beating of her whip-like tail when she is happy or worked up, and the never-ending energy...I get tired just watching her!

But they are our babies, and we love them to a fault.  Hey, what can I say - we LOVE animals!

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