Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Days...

Once again, we are getting rain....on Saturday...this has been the trend for a few weeks now.  It is so hard to get anything done outside when you only have the weekends to get it all done.  And at least one, if not both days, end up being washouts.  I know we need the rain in order to make everything in the flower and vegetable gardens grow, but still....

Once again, they are forecasting storms for us - hopefully not as severe as last weekend - but there is still a good chance we will have severe thunderstorms, with wind and hail.  April has come in like a lion this year.  We even had a light frost the other morning - in the middle of April!

This has been a long, long winter - and it seems to want to keep hanging on this year.  I seriously need some sunshine to help lift my spirits.

We did manage to get the roof on the chicken coop last night after my husband got home from work and before dark.  So we are one step closer.  We still need to put the doors on the front and over the nesting boxes, build the ramp, and put all the fencing around and over it.  But, can't do it when it is this rate, I won't be getting any chickens until July!  Well, we can only do the best we can with what we have to work with.

Sorry to be so "glass half empty" today...especially since it runneth over from all the rain ;-)  Maybe we can get some things done tomorrow when they say the sun will come back.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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