Friday, April 29, 2011


Ok - so I have wanted chickens for a long time now.  Have done a whole lotta research on them.  Got Jenna's book and read it cover to cover.  Looked into coop designs.  Had my husband build a coop (which is almost done - maybe this weekend if the weather holds out). 

Now, we cannot start with baby chicks, for obvious reasons - you have seen most of the cast of characters here.  Can you say chicken nuggets?!  So, I have been looking and looking and looking for a place to buy started pullets or point of lay hens (are they the same thing??)...all over the Internet, in our paper, CraigsList, eBay classifieds, Backyard Chickens website, Chicken Trader, chicken swaps sites (which never seem to be close to me or they have already taken place - ARGH!)...I found 2 places fairly near to me (one is 25 mins away; the other is 45 mins.) but guess what - they only have babies that still need the heat lamp!



Leigh said...

Oh, this would be so frustrating. Have you put wanted, ISO, or WTB ads in any of the places you mention?

BrokenRoadFarm said...

I have not yet - but I think I may be being "too picky" too :-) I want specific breeds, since we are getting so few and hope to have them for a few years, so I didn't want to "settle" for what was out there...I may have to change that and get what is available. I can always add more later, right?!