Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calm after the storms

We seem to be in an interesting weather pattern lately.  We live close to the NC/VA border, and it seems like the storms we have been having run like a locomotive along this line.  While it does bring much needed water, for the gardens, replenishing the well, etc. - it also wreaks havoc with the force of the downpours and the accompanying wind and sometimes hail.

We had some more of these storms last night.  It started rolling in about the time I got home from work (had to commute to the big city), around 7PM.  The chickens were out in their run, enjoying the grass clippings we threw them from the night before, when it started getting very dark.  Now, they have just recently figured out how to put themselves to bed at night.  So they were kind of confused...

Loretta:  "This grass sure is tasty"
Emmy Lou:  "Very...yum!"
Reba:  "Is it just me, or is it getting dark already?"
Dolly:  "Stop being such a worry...wait...something just fell on my back..."
Loretta:  "Hey, something just hit my head"
Reba:  "See!  I told you so!"
Emmy Lou:  "It's just a little rain.  I am going to keep munching; it is not time to go in yet"
Loretta:  "Ewww.  My feet are getting all wet!"
Reba:  "I don't know about you, but I am going into the coop."
Dolly:  "I think you are right...I can hardly see anymore!"

So after the worst of the rain and wind passed, around 8:45 PM, my husband went down to make sure they were all in and locked them up for the night.  He said they were all lined up on the top roost, just a nannering away.

I guess they will get plenty of practice on how to go inside the coop when the weather is crazy outside.  It doesn't look like this pattern of storminess is going to let up for a while!

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Leigh said...

It's so interesting to watch chickens learn. I'm amazed at how much "smarter" mine are this year than last!