Friday, July 22, 2011


Dear Mother Nature,

It is 7PM and the temperature is still 91F.  We do our best to honor you by planting flower and vegetable gardens, raise livestock and try to keep our lands as natural as we can.  And you repay us by keeping us in a stewpot hovering around 100F for days.  Thank you very much.  But if this is how you thank us for honoring you and nature, then I think we may just have to raze our land and put up a parking lot!

My wildflowers have up and died - how do WILDflowers die?  They get baked in the gawd awful heat and throw up the white flag.

The vegetable garden is hanging on by a thread because we water the snot out of it every night for 20 - 30 minutes.  We will be lucky to have the tomatoes ripen so we can have a meager harvest.  Not sure the squash is going to make it...I am holding out hope for the carrots though since they are UNDER the ground.

We have to fill the pool every day - why?  The temps are so high that the water just plain evaporates.  But the forager bees are having a ball drinking the water and keeping us from being able to get in the pool to try to cool off.

So any time you are done playing your little game with us lowly humans, we would appreciate you taking the cover off and turning the heat setting down to at least a low simmer.


Broken Road Farm
(or maybe we should rename it to Blazing Road Farm....or Boiling Road Farm...I'm open to suggestions!)


Leigh said...

LOL, the heat's terrible, isn't it! And the humidity! Awful! Glad you're surviving at least.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Where do we sign on to this too? Like a petition???

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Leigh - surviving much longer? Don't know...

APG - by commenting you are now officially signed up on the petition. Thank you for helping our cause ;-)