Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday

Haven't done one of these in a while :-)
  • Really going through the wood now!!  High temps in the upper 30s and low 40s with no sun, lots of rain...very damp & dreary!
  • Still getting an average of 2 eggs a day from 4 hens - noticed the increase when we starting giving them our leftovers and oatmeal with buttermilk for breakfast...
  • Now I know what to do with the buttermilk left over when I make butter!!  Never dawned on me to give it to the chickens...until I read it in my Encyclopedia of Country Living!
  • Still making butter, a year later :-)  My husband loves it so much he will not buy it from the grocery store anymore.
  • Are we really and truly going to see the sun today?!?!  60F for the high?!?!  I'll believe it when I see it...
  • No commute this week - boss is out of town so I get to work from home all week - YIPPEE!


Prairie Cat said...

I don't think I would be generous enough to give my chickens the buttermilk leftover from making butter... I love using it in baking!

Anonymous said...

Our weather is driving me insane too. Temps are swinging more than a trapeze artist. I've got sun today, although it tricked me into thinking it was warm outside. It wasn't.

Leigh said...

Interesting about the eggs. I just read somewhere, that the key to winter egg production is protein. So said the article, thinking that chickens get less protein during winter because they get less bugs and stuff. I know chickens do love oatmeal and milk products!

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Prairie Cat - I tried making buttermilk biscuits twice and they were too nasty for even the dogs! LOL

ADoC - Yeah, I think we all need to teach Mother Nature a lesson!!

Leigh - I had heard the same thing about the protein, especially when they go into their molt...now I know what to give them when that happens later this year!