Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whiny Wednesday

Better late than never!!
  • Rained Monday....raining again all day today....glad it isn't cold enough to snow!!
  • Dinner menus are getting monotonous...same ole thing week after week...
  • Finally got the greenhouse covered a week ago...have I planted anything in it?  NOT!  No time...
  • Wish my vacation lasted longer...
  • Has anyone else had a problem with their banner picture not showing up correctly??  I gave up and just removed it.
  • We only got 3 eggs today - WHA?!  3 eggs from 4 chickens?!?!  In January?!?!  Not really a whine :-)
Hope you are all having a super day!


Carolyn said...

It's only supposed to be a HIGH of 34 degrees tomorrow, and the lows at night in the lower 20' I'll be chipping ice out of the buckets until at least Monday.

The chickens haven't popped (pooped??) out an egg in over six days!

Leigh said...

LOL. There's never enough time!

I've had problems with my banner picture in the past too. I scoured the blogger help forums and finally had to workaround by uploading it to photobucket first and then getting it from there, rather than uploading from my computer. It only happened for one photo though. I do like your new header pic. Great shot of your chickens!

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Carolyn - hopefully they will start again soon!

Leigh - you are so right about time! I will look into the photobucket thing - I have not used it before. I love that picture too, but it is old (early summer) and they are MUCH bigger now...guess I need to take a new one :-)