Friday, January 6, 2012


Kind of not homesteady - in the true sense of the word - but communication with the outside world is pretty important.  As such, our cell phone plan is up for renewal, so we can get new phones.  A lot has changed in the last two years since we got our current many decisions now!!  I have narrowed my search down to 3 phones...and was wondering if any of you have owned any of these or knew someone who did/does and what your/their experience was with each.  I appreciate all comments on these phones - yay or nay.  I do not want to end up with a phone that gives me more grief than necessary as I have enough going on in my life now :-)
  • iPhone 4 (not S - wayyyyy too expensive)
  • Samsung Conquer 4G
  • Samsung Epic 4G
Now, we do not have 4G where we live yet...but maybe in the next 2 years (hey - you never know!).  But I would be able to access 4G when I commute to the big city.  I think that would be the only drawback to the iPhone - it is only 3G...ideas?  Thoughts?  Recommendations?  Thanks!

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The Haphazard Countryman said...

I have an iPhone 4G and love it. We only have 3G at our house now anyways, so it isn't a big deal. I'm not sure on the other phones, but there are so many more things you can use the iPhone for other than just phone calls. There are lots of apps that come in handy, whether gardening or homesteading. That is my recommendation.