Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

  • Surprised the cooler weather is still around :-)
  • Had to commute to the big city yesterday for an all day meeting - left the house at 5AM - got home around 7:30 PM = L O N G day
  • I missed my chickens yesterday - didn't get to see them :-(
  • Chickens were happy to see me this morning!!
  • Is it really almost officially "Fall"??
  • One of my followers was surprised when I posted on a Wednesday one week - she said "you never post on Wednesdays!!"  I did not realize this...so, I would like to call on all of you to help me come up with something for Wednesdays to get me to fill in this void....I know some use "Wordless Wednesdays", but I'm not real good about doing the picture thing (if you can't tell!!)...any ideas???


Carolyn said...

How about Wonderful Wednesdays? Or Wacky? Whiney? Whatever?

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Ooooooo!! Whiney!!! Love it! Liking the Whatever too....