Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

I's days are still screwed up from our vacation (which I still need to tell you about)...

  • It sucks when at 5:30 AM, you turn the key to start your vehicle and it doesn't turn on.
  • $132 later, you have a battery that has all cells working
  • We had TONS of rain while we were away, so there is no sand left in the chicken is nothing but a MUCKY mess
  • A wet, mucky chicken run STINKS!!  Literally!  Peeeeeee-yoooooo-eeeeee!
  • It would dry faster if the sun would come out....
  • At least it is still cooler out
Hope you all had a great day!


Carolyn said...

Would I be nagging if I asked about the vacation? Pictures will be included, right? I have to live through other people's vacations, so PLEASE post some vacation stuff!

BrokenRoadFarm said...

LOL!! I deserve to be nagged...this week has been non-stop since we got back. I have just posted it - hope it does not disappoint :-)