Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday morning it was 54 degrees when I got up around 5:30 AM....this morning, 53....ahhhhh...what a welcome change!

Everything can now breath a sigh of relief...we have received some rain (last weekend) and now some cooler temps with lower humidity.

I'll take it!!


Sharon said...

We need some nice weather here, it's non-stop rain and oh so chilly. I had to put the furnace on again...I feel like a wimp!

Sharon @

Leigh said...

We're breathing that same sigh of relief! It's great, isn't it.

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Sharon - you are in Canada!! Don't feel like a wimp! This year has been the whackiest I've seen in a long time as far as weather goes. CRAZY!

Leigh - is wonderful!

Sharon said...

In Canada yes, but the weather is supposed to be good by now. Our last frost was in April, so that was a great thing, but since then it's not been that nice, except for a few days here and there. I think our weather is similar to New England. Last year at this time it was around 28 degrees celsius.
Today was beautiful. It's 7pm and still 25 degrees celsius. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 27 and the humidity is low...I'm a happy camper!

Sharon @