Friday, June 10, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I was telling my husband about how much water was in the compost bins and was making it forward two weeks and voila!  The smell is gone!  And so is the water - they are now bone dry.

I am beginning to think that the word "moderation" and the phrase "happy medium" are not a part of Mother Nature's vocabulary...a few weeks ago we were drowning in the daily torrential downpours, we were dodging rain drops and storms to hurry up and get the chicken coop and run we are BAKING...the chickens seems to be taking it in stride (thank goodness!!)...we are trying to keep the vegetable garden from dying (although a few more onions have popped out flower stalks, so I guess we can forget about getting any onions bigger than a marble this year)....most of my flowers are doing well - our August Beauty Gardenias are blooming since it feels like August outside - but the roses are starting to peter out.  This kind of weather makes me happy we have a well and are not subject to water restrictions like we had when we lived in the big city.  But even with watering, things are barely hanging on.  It is just too dang hot!  I can't imagine what August will be like if we have August temps now...

We are hanging in there...doing the best we can....stay cool!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

No, her vocabulary this year is comprised strictly of "Na-na-na-na-na-na!"

We are forming lines to smack her if you would like to join us too!

Sorry for your troubles as well and hoping it gets better :)

Leigh said...

It does seem as though "moderation" and "happy medium" are wishful thinking. I do envy your well. We're on city water and our water bill doubled this past month because of all the watering I did!

I don't know if you're into awards and memes, but I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. Come on over to get a copy and the "rules," or at least hopefully enjoy a few new visitors!

Tami said...

The weather here IS nuts isn't it? Last year everything choked because of too much water and now I'm starving for water! (At least I've got city water...) Congrats on the Stylish Blogger Award!

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Apple Pie Gal - yes! I would like to join!!

Leigh - Thank you so much for the award!! And thank you for being my first loyal reader - I appreciate your support!

Tami - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! Looks like we may not be far from each other :-)

Sharon said...

Just stopped by. You have a great blog going on here and I'm enjoying reading all your old posts. Hubby and I just moved to our "farm" in December (we were city folk too)and are trying the homestead/self reliance thing.

We have had a wet spring but things have perked up now. Luckily it seems to rain at night and be sunny during the day now.

I know what you mean about finding point of lay hens not chicks. We wanted the same thing and could only find day olds too. Eventually a friend sold us 4 hens and a rooster. Glad you found yours. They are fun to watch but they are certainly time wasters aren't they?

Hope your garden hangs in there until the next rain and cooler spell!

Sharon @

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Sharon - welcome! Glad you were able to break out of the city too - country life is the way to go. Glad you stopped by and I look forward to catching up on the goings-on over at your homestead!