Sunday, June 19, 2011 did we do?

In my last post, I listed some things we wanted to get accomplished this weekend.  So, how did we do?

Clean gutters - Done.  Sorry - I wasn't going to climb up on the roof to take a picture :-)

Plant Marigolds in the vegetable garden - Done:

Tomatoes, Carrots and Peppers coming along nicely
 I did one half on Saturday - and finished the rest up this morning.

Weed garden - Done:

Squash, more Peppers and Lettuce
 Finish chicken tractor - Done:

The chickens weren't too sure what to make of it at first:

But soon they realized they could pig out on some juicy green grass and they went nuts!

They are getting so big!!  Hopefully, we are just 6 weeks away from our first home grown eggs...can't wait!!

Haul more sand into the run - not done...was just too dang hot!

Move pallets from driveway to the backyard - Done.

Cut up pallets and stack wood - partially done.  We get a lot of free pallets from my husband's work (actually from the company next door to his work).  So we currently have about 25 kiln dried, solid oak pallets to cut and stack.  That's A LOT of wood.  We did a few pallets, but once again, it was too hot.  That kind of work is best saved for the cooler weather.  But at least there is no longer a huge stack sitting in the middle of the driveway and in the back of his pickup.

I hope you were able to accomplish whatever you set out to do this weekend.  And had a little downtime to relax as well.

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The Apple Pie Gal said...

This is reminded me I still need to get my marigolds out and then from your last post the hummingbirds!


Glad you had a productive weekend! Always feels good when you can check things off the list.