Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tiny Potato Salad

About a week ago, I "hauled" in our first harvest of 2011.  It was a mere 1/2 lb. of red potatoes and 1/2 a dozen green onions - that were really red, not green - but were the size of green onions; only red...with the extreme weather we have been experiencing, they decided they were done and shot out some flower stalks :-(

I didn't post the picture of the harvest because...well...compared to all of you, this was Barbie doll-sized!!  But I was thrilled! (Pssst...I think my husband thinks I am leaning off my rocker a little...)

Anyway, on Monday, I found a potato salad recipe on and sized it down for my small amount of potatoes.  After it was done, I figured it was just enough for me and my husband to have for dinner.  Did I take a picture??  Of course not! 

And by the was absolutely delicious!!  Nothing really does compare to home grown...can't wait until I have home grown eggs to put in my future salads!!

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