Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

About six weeks ago, my husband and I made plans to go camping this weekend.  We love to camp and bring the dogs with us.  They love it too.  Especially going "riding in the truck"!  Say that phrase, and Sasha's ears fly up in the air and her head tilts to the side...Mika just starts going berserk!  She is not good in the car...she gets really wound up and can't come down.

Anyway, we both put in at work to begin our vacation at noon on Friday.  We would then pack up and drive the 1.5 hours to Uwharrie National Forest which is a favorite spot since they have OHV (off-highway vehicle) trails and we have a four-wheeler that we load up and bring with us.  We picked this weekend hoping it would not be blazing hot (which it would have been close), and we would avoid the holiday rush from last weekend.  But, was not meant to be.  My husband's work is extremely busy right now - he has already put in 38 hours this week, not including his holiday hours from Monday.  While I am disappointed, it would have been nice to get away even just for two days, this is the kind of thing you encounter living on a homestead.  If you make the choice to live on one, you better like it - A LOT.  There is plenty to do that will keep you busy beyond the number of daylight hours, and you will not get the chance to go do things that others do on a regular basis.  Especially when you add livestock into the picture.

But my husband and I have simple needs.  We don't need fancy vacations at the beach or a foreign country, or a cruise...a simple weekend of putting up a tent, cooking over a fire, percolating a pot of coffee on the Coleman stove in the morning is good enough for us.  Maybe we can try again in the fall - when it will be cooler - hopefully!!

So, this weekend I will sit and watch Farm TV since the chickens are such entertainment for me.  And they are growing in leaps and bounds; and making all sorts of new noises that are so cute!

Yeah - it's the simple things in life that amuse me :-)


The Apple Pie Gal said...

We must vacation in the same fashion and watch the same channels!

Sorry your trip got postponed :( and maybe it will be perfect this Fall.

BrokenRoadFarm said...

Actually, you camp the way we hope to be doing it in the next couple years - load up the camper and go! Hopefully, it will be cooler when we finally get to go. I was little nervous about leaving the chickens anyway - my daughter was going to take care of them, but she is 19 and lives about 25 mins from us - enough said :-)